February 12, 2007

A plan to take care of a new baby

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Sometimes Emma and I talk about how to take care of the new baby, her sister who is due to come out in early May. Some little plans have trickled out from the conversations:

1. Sleep with the baby and hug her (so Emma herself does not have to sleep on the top level of a double bed.)
2. Using bottles to feed the baby. Breastfeeding is not conceivable for her, so she definitely will use cow milk. Soy milk is fine too.
3. Change diapers for the baby.
4. Save a big honey melon for the baby.
5. Teach the baby to use a tiny baby spoon.
6. She promised to Share her toys with the baby.

She also has promised a lot of other things. I was so amused at the moment, but I forgot soon after.

It is fun to talk about the baby now. But I will be holding my breath to see if she would become a little jealousy-driven monster after the baby is born. One-child policy does have some rationales.

Monday, February 12, 2007
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