February 09, 2007

The Blue Man Group

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I sometimes saw commerials about the Blue Man Group, in which blue sparkles splash away like fireworks raining from sky. I sometimes saw the Blue Man Group featured in a big bus ads and was very intrigued by the deep blue color of their faces and hands. In my memory, they are strange blue men blue from head to toe, inside out.

So when I learned that they would give a live performance at the Children's museum I was very excited. Emma was intrigued and excited too because of me. So on Friday afternoon, we rushed to see the Blue Man's Group.

What a rush! After a long congestion in traffic, Leo almost raced the car to the Children's museum.

Still, we missed the live performance. Still, when we got there, there were a sea of people engulfing the three Blue Blue men, who stayed for those hungry for their pictures. So I shouldered Emma and painstakingly inched toward them.

They were so blue! Their faces are deep shinning blue, and their hands are blue too. I guessed they were coated with a layer of blue paint. However, they were dressed in black (neck-high T-shirt) rather than blue. So they were not totally blue as I thought.

The blue men quickly left. Emma was terribly excited and intrigued. Why blue? Is there a purple man? Red man? White man? Yellow man?

We lingered a while, pounding/smashing on all sorts of music engines / pipes and machines. Making blue waves, supposedly.

Friday, February 09, 2007
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