January 05, 2007

Videos on YouTube

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Finally I got some taste of the superhot YouTube. Uploaded three video clips, two old, one new. Indeed it is so easy to use, and videos are playing very well. Nice.

Of course, videos are all Emma's. We are too old, worn out to be filmed. But not her. Of course, even cute as she is, she cannot compete with other YouTube hotties, like the Lonely girl 15, or George Allen's macabre. But who cares? I am the biggest and forever loyal fan of hers.

These are the links:


Will upload more.

Friday, January 05, 2007
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Mary Beth Guinan said...

I saw "little chief" and was delighted. This video can be used in child dev classes because it shows how a great toy fits so many developing skills--cutting, naming, domestic work, etc...loved this video! Please take more...

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