January 16, 2007

Too Little Too Late

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For the last two months, Emma had been obsessed with a MTV video, "Too Little Too Late", A romantic song by JoJo. She almost had to watch it at least twice daily. She sang along with it, swung her arms, gesturing like JoJo. There is a scene where JoJo was singing in the rain, her hair wet, so Emma splashed water on her face and wet her hair and claimed herself to be JoJo.

Funny. And what also funny is that in Emma's mind, there is not yet a concept of boyfriend or girlfriend, so when the guy walks towards and hugs the girl, Emma said: "Oh, her daddy comes". Only later, she understood that an adult male was not necessarily a daddy figure.

And fortunately, though the MTV is purely for teenagers and youth who everyday does not have anything better to do than falling in and out of love, though most MTVs have too many kisses, dirty dances, and too much skin exposures, "Too Little Too late" is pretty clean. It is watchable and almost enjoyable.

However what is in "Too Little Too late"? I do not understand. It is not easy to sing, it is cute, but not bunny-sort, children-kind cute. Even the lyrics are hard to grasp and understand. After watching it so many times with her, I still remember only a few lines, all banal. Also there are a million MTVs, I played some of them, she liked almost none of them. She liked Maria Carey's "Santa Claus coming to town", an cute animated MTV, however in much less fervor.

Ah, the first sign of pop culture craze

Tuesday, January 16, 2007
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