January 25, 2007


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Winter used to be a wonder. My hometown situates in the southwest of China, in a warm humid valley. There is never much snow to speak of. The sky is mostly gray, threatening of rain and it does rain a lot and lot.

Therefore I dreamed of snow, snow-covered forest, snow-filled sky.

Then I went to the Northeast of China, a very very cold place, where winter takes hold of half of a year, where it always snows and snows. New snow on top of old snow, snow hardened, turned gray then black, snow piled on the sidewalks. I loved it, loved the drifting white hexagonal feathers from the sky, the deceivingly bright blue sky and glistening sun.

Now Chicago. The weather in Chicago is somewhere in between. It is never never-ending cold, but there is always always a few fits of cold and a few snows, around Thanksgiving, in January, sometimes even in April. Then for the rest of winter days, the weather is always mild.

Especially this winter. It was so warm this winter that it is said to be the warmest winter in Chicago's history, it was so warm that people started to get nervous, suspecting that global warming has definitely disrupted the local weather pattern, and the doom's day looms even nearer.

Then bang! The temperature dropped and it is really like winter now. And, sure, Emma fell sick, then brought extra potent cold virus home. Then I was down with cold, bad bad cold. Or maybe it is just that I am pregnant, so I am extra vulnerable to the attack of cold.

I long for the spring.

Thursday, January 25, 2007
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tere616 said...

Hi Xun, hope the weather will back to normal again.

Here in Indonesia, I don't have to experience with that kind of snow and below degrees temp. The only thing that really bother us during rainy season was the flood.

How's your cold ? It must be far from convenient with that pregnancy and cold. Wish you get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Xun,
Be careful what u wish for. :) I go through winters thinking about the crazy hot days in summer when its soo humid that your shirt sticks to the back of you neck, your makeup gets all slimy and runs down your face, and your sneekers get hot, sweaty and stinky.

Ahhh, winter :)


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