January 23, 2007

Go dancing!

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Finally I committed to a dancing program at Lincoln Park cultural center on Emma's behalf. So Emma goes to dance every Saturday now.

Before she displays any talent or interest or willingness in dancing at all, of course, I (Mary Beth more so) equipped her with all the vanity trappings: a Tutu, ballet shoes, tights. It does not matter whether the stuff is from thrift store or not, it only matters that you look as fashionable and flashy as other kids. (Somehow sometimes I have trouble taking in the logic/philosophy. But at least it is easy to practice.)

Last Saturday I was sick at home. The Saturday before was Emma's first time being there. What a delightful group of little angels! All 2 or 3, all pink peachy faced, all dressed up, all eager to giggle, stretch, sway, spin, and toddle around. All girls. They were like they just walked out from medieval paintings of angels.

Emma was not so ready to join the group though. She sat through almost the entire session, stubbornly ignoring the delightful music about the sun, the rain and the grass, untouched by the flurry of actions by the kids and clumsy adults around her (she even blocked the way). She did not even do the familiar finger plays along the familiar songs, like "Itsy Bitsy Spider", "Five little monkeys".

Maybe she was just observing. But honestly I do not know why. Maybe she will fare better the next time or the time after the next. Who knows?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007
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