January 04, 2007

Christmas and the New Year's Day

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Emma got many presents on Christmas, from friends and relatives. She was excited. But the greedy spirit obviously has not invade her heart, for she said, after opening one after another present: "Wow, Santa gave me so many presents, next time I want only one."

Indeed, who needs that many presents? And that wrapping-paper tearing.

Over the long Christmas vacation, Emma has seen many movies, Happy Feet, The Wizard of OZ, Match of Penguins, Dumbo, Charlot's Web. Her favorite is Happy Feet and Dumbo. When I watched Dumbo with her, when Dumbo went to visit her mom, who was jailed as a mad elephant, Emma was so sad that tears filled her eyes.

On New Year's Day, we went to China to have DimSum, because she has a book about DimSum. We went with such enthusiasm, we talked about all the foods in the book, but Emma barely touched any of them. Still it is enough now we know DimSum for real.

Thursday, January 04, 2007
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Susie Silberhorn said...

I was just checking things, so I could update all the different web pages the Susie's Garden Patch is listed. And Emma came up, she is beautiful. We will be looking forward to see you all again this Summer.

Strawberry Festival is Fathers Day June 17
Pumpkin Fill up is Columbus Day Weekend.

Have a Bless Spring and enjoy the Flowers.

Many Blessing

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