December 12, 2006

Why it rains?

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If you see it rains, thunders, snows, will you ask why, or wonder, or think for a second? No. I never. But Emma does. Her questions come often and natural, about nature, about animals, people, everything.

Yesterday, she asked "Why did it rain but not thunder?" I did not think of an appropriate answer, and did not want to cheat my way out, so I promised to look it up for her (today I googled it, found a lot of "rain, thunder, snow" music, video stuff. No one cares why it rains or thunders.)

Later, on our way home, Emma came up with her own answer. She said: "Oh, there are people, they drum, drum and drum, then there is thunder."

Very cute.

Her questions spring up when we read books, watch movies. They always remind me how utterly ignorant I am about the world.

Last night, we were reading an Eric Carle's book about Sea horse. Mommy sea horse lays eggs in the pouch of a daddy sea horse, then daddy swims away and mommy sea horse disappear from the book.

She asked me: "Where is the mommy?"

I said: "She leaves"


I had no idea. Still I said "She goes out to look for food." I was trying to mirror my answer from little penguins' behavior.

"Does mommy get tummy ache when she lay eggs, like you (having a baby)?"

Who knows?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006
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