December 14, 2006

So forgetful

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Last week I bought a pair of gloves. Nice ones, genuine leather outside and cashmere inside. They fitted snugly and warmly. I was quite happy. I have been without gloves for years. Then two days later I lost them. Maybe on the train or on the street. Well, back to my glove-less days. On that note, I also lack any accessories, like scarf, hat, or jewelry, like earrings or necklace. Too much trouble, bound to be lost.

My father says I am not suitable to be a thief, because I always leave a trail of things, money, purse, keys, ... behind me. Always absentminded, I would forget that in my hand I am holding a purse. Very often I forget to close my backpack and things just spill over.

Emma seems to be like me. She forgets things all the time. I bought her hair clips, she lost them in two days; She loved her colorful necklaces, but soon enough they were nowhere to be seen. She wanted to be a big girl to have keys, just like we adults. So I gave her a key with a small key chain. Sure, the key disappeared. Maybe somewhere in the playground. Whenever she cannot find anything, she asks me: "Mommy, where is my ..."

So forgetful. Or maybe she is just too young.

Thursday, December 14, 2006
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