December 04, 2006

So easy to love

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December is coming. We got our first snow. So big, so heavy, it lasted so long. And it was so cold.

Saturday, Emma and I took a little shopping trip to the Dominick's about 4 blocks away. She loved it, the icy-cold air, the snowy trees and slippery sidewalk. Every two minutes, she stopped to see the snow-covered houses and trees, the hurriedly flying-away birds (she trid to chase them or running away from them). Winds blew over. Small icicles fell off the trees and landed on our shoulders, arms and heads. She was both scared and thrilled. She wanted more flurries of ice falling. Every two minutes, she stopped to crush off or kick away a block of ice, or she stamped stone-hard snow/ice trying to determine if it was ice or snow. She asked me, I did not know. Part of the sidewalk was still snow-covered, quite slippery. She walked gingerly over, screaming, complaining, while I stood 20 feet away, laughing and waiting for her.

Too bad, my camera is broken. And I have no idea when I would care enough to replace it.

Last night, after a cup of milk, I threw up everything I had taken that evening. Standing next to me on a little step stool, Emma gently patted me on the back. When I was finally done, she said: "Mommy, I will take care of you."

She has said this many times. In the beginning, I thought she was just parroting. But then I think she means it. Yesterday, looking at me earnestly, she said again, "Mommy, I will take care of you. I will not take care of daddy."


I take side too throughout the years I grew up, away from and then close to my parents again. Emma takes side, too, even when she was much younger. I never intended it, however, ...

Then Emma had more questions and comments, all in Chinese.

"Mommy, why you threw up?"

"I do not know. Maybe it was because of the baby in my tummy."

"Why the baby made you so?"

"Oh, maybe the baby did some somersault then made me sick. When you were in my tummy, I sometimes threw up too."

"Ah. Mommy, when I become a Mommy, I have a baby in my tummy, I will throw up too, because I do not want you to throw up."

I love her so.

Why it is so easy to love your child, but it is not so easy to love your spouse? Why? Because my child is just so good, so tender, so easy to love.

Monday, December 04, 2006
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Peace said...

Hi xun, the feeling of pregnancy is terrible. I have phobia. I feel nauseous throughout my pregnancy! You are right about our love for our children, they are so innocent, they trusted us wholeheartedly and they have only us, the parents to rely on. We must take good care of them. We mustn't let them down. "Jia You!" You are a great mother!

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