November 20, 2006

Turkey oh turkey

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So here is Holiday season. Again. And Thanksgiving. Again. And very soon, Christmas. They used to mean little to me, even after I came to US. I was always business as usual, uninterested and uncaring. Sometimes I got to go some people's dinners, sometimes I did not. The only disadvantage was that I had to struggle to come up with a cheerful response to a qustion like "hey, did you have a good Thanksgiving or whatever?"

So another year is almost gone. Is it a cause to worry or cheer? There are reasons for both. More to do with the baby that is to be born than anything else. A lot of things have to be changed. A new place, a new car. If possible, a new husband (woo, how unlikely, how sad!). That means a lot of new money. It is a mistery I really want a second baby despite all the insurmountable obstacles.

When a new year comes, I got a little older, but Emma is getting a little bigger. How I love to see her grow. Yet still so very tender and loving. Love to hear her say "Mommy, I want to take care of you." (She does not know the weight of taking care and she may take it back some day) And the kisses she gives me at night just fill me with joy. And with her, I have to cheer like everyone else. Have to go by her tradition to do all the holidays. So turkey and pumpkin pie and maybe mashed potatoes will be on.

Funny how traditions alway go down to food.

Monday, November 20, 2006
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Peace said...

Hi xun,

Your mood seems better now, you are such a good and great mother. Emma is very fortunate : )

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