November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving running ledger

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When we were in grade school, on a bi-weekly basis, we were required to write about a particular day or week, certain events or people, or essays for or against something. A lot of times, we had no idea what or how to write, still to fill in the space, we wrote in a way like this:

"This morning I woke up at 8, had my breakfast at 8:30. I had some steam bread and milk. Then I went to school. I had math, chinese ..."

Or I read something funnier and more outrageous: "I played in the park with my dog bob. Bob ran away, I called
'bob'; he would not come back, so I called 'bob, bob, bob .....'"

With no exception, the teacher would mark this kind of writing failed and called it "a running ledger" (or something like that).

Well, right now I do not know what to write, so I decide to write a "running ledger" about the Thanksgiving Holiday we had.


Went to MB's around 11. We helped a little bit with the dishes. We played and played until the Li's family arrived around 2pm. We had our Thanksgiving lunch. Emma was a little fussy, then she fell asleep. We went home around 5pm.


Got up around 8am. Had breakfast. Emma proposed to go to MB's. So we went. On the way, met a little girl Sonia and her mother. Later, Emma played Sonia, putting ornaments up in a tree with twinkling lights. Then they had lunch. The girls had fun. Then Sonia went home, Emma took a nap for about two hours. Around 5, went to see the movie "Happy Feet". It is a fun, cute and a silly movie. Emma liked it, on the way home and the next day, she kept talking about it.


I took Emma to the Children's museum. It has been a long time since I last took her. She was interested in every thing, new and old. She spent a lot of time playing in the Gingerbread fancy factory, however she refused to go to the "Skating ring" (basically a small area where all kids took off their socks and skid on the extra smooth floor). In every sports, she always sees danger and refuses to join in. We played till 5.


A quiet day. Laundry day. Shopping day. We played puzzles, we read some books, we napped, we doodled on paper and Emma's drawing board ...

Monday, November 27, 2006
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