September 06, 2006

To have one or two?

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To have one child or two? I have been considering to have a second child for quite some time. However, never could make up my mind.

The plus and minus side weigh equally.

The plus side:

1. the image of a happy family of four is simply irresistable;

2. Emma can have a lifetime companion and friend;

3. It would be even better if she got a brother. I read that brothers and sisters are better equipped and more confident to take on the world, at least they would be more adept handling their oppsite sex; I heard a family consisting of a band of brothers soly, higher percentage of younger boys become gay ... Gay is not anything to feel bad about, still, a family of boys and girls sound more balanced.

4. More children means more grandchildren. How comforting it would be that when you get old, you can have more than one family to visit you ... I count on that all my children would love me dearly. Look at my parents, now they are the center of my two sisters.

The minus side:

1. Too big a financial burden. To have a larger family, I have get rid of my old car, old condo. Just thinking of selling and rebuying a place to live gives me headache, let alone that Leo and I have to come up with the money. Besides, I have to twice the tution, babysitting, college ...

2. It takes too much time, too much work. How am I to divide my sick days, vacation days, sick days, weekend, evening and morning hours among two kids, myself and Leo? Am I to go through the torture of sleep deprivation and the endless worries again?

3. Sibling rivalry. Will Emma get along with her little brother or sister? Will she feel that she is not as much loved as when she is the only child, only center of attention at home?


Well, no use thinking anymore now. I am pregnant. Like it or not. I will have two (beautiful) children.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006
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Congratulations Xun!! I know you'll be glad to have another one in the family.

Anonymous said...

Wow, congrats. Im soo happy for you... Another one to give all ur love to.

Xun said...

thank you so much, Syeda. Only I am feeling terribly nauseated, and looking for every excuse (I got a big one) not working, just staying in bed feeling bad.

I still need to take Emma to see your little Zoya

Hsien Lei said...

Congratulations!!! Having followed your blog for a while now, any child is lucky to be in your loving family.

All the best and wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months.

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