September 13, 2006

It is so bunny

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Whenever Emma thinks something is funny, she giggles and says: "It is so bunny (funny)". She also mispronounce sandbox as handbox.

When she needs some help, she says: "Mommy, can I help me?" I say: "Emma, you should say Can you help me". She makes a ha-ha.

Sunday, we were going out, Leo and I accidentally forgot our keys inside. We asked our neighbor for help. Our neighbor asked: "Can you climb through your window?" Leo said no, it was too dangerous. Emma volutunteered: "I can".

I am pregnant, my belly is getting rounder and bigger. I told Emma serveral times: "Emma, I am gonna to have a new baby. You are gonna to be a big sister". Emma looked at me and nodded. Then again, I told her: "Emma, look, there is a baby inside my tommy." She responded: "I have a baby in my tommy."

Wednesday, September 13, 2006
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