September 05, 2006

Holiday weekend

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My holidays, however long, however fun, are always forgettable.

Back to work, facing the bland, familiar, habitual questions like: "Hey, how was your holiday?", I always cheerfully reply "Good. How about yours?". Yet, after the moment, I would pause, think hard, and wonder: "What did I do in the last four days?"

Holidays, like all days passed, are like miles and miles of highway driven past. You fold them up and push them into somewhere in your memory drawer.

However, somewhere, sometimes, some memories, especially those from my college years or childhood, would unexpectedly bubbled up. Like the trips we took to a nearby mountain in the dark of a night, scared and cold; like a family picnic; or some arguments I had with my parents ...


As I write, now I remember how I spent my four-day weekend. Friday I went to see a doc and I was officially pregnant. More on that later;Saturday, a busy painting day with Emma, and other kids and parents and mb; Sunday, shopping, shopping, painting with Emma; Monday, downtown touring, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Jazz Festival...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006
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