August 11, 2006

Want to grow

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I am still worried. Emma just seemed to have stopped growing. I mean her height.

Even she, as young as she is, she is talking about growing taller, taller than daddy, than mommy, than her teacher Toner, Noelle, and her friends Ben, Sally ... I swear I did not show any worries about her growth in front of her.

But secretly, I worried a lot. Secretly I watch her everyday, eye measuring her height, her clothes, desperately wanting to find the proof that she, indeed, has grown maybe one inch taller.

One inch, please.

Her classmates, about one year younger, are about her height. Her classmates of her age are towering over her.

I searched for growth problem again and again. Read the same thing again and again. Is it constitutional growth delay? Is it familiar short stature? But they all mention, it is no problem as long as kids are growing at their own NORMAL RATE.

I heard so many tales, I've known first hand too, that short kids suddenly spurt up into tall kids. But that does not stop me from worrying.

What am I supposed to do?

I am a statistics' believer. I believe and take comfort in that, if not excellent, at least I and the people I love would not fail to fall in the majority category.

Am I wrong this time?

Friday, August 11, 2006
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I will do it next time around. What's Emma upto these days?

tere616 said...

Don't worry. Sometimes children stop growing for a while and all of sudden, they grow faster more than you could imagine.

I also had a same problem with you when my youngest daughter was 4 - 5 year old. Compared with her sister, it seems that she tended to be shorter.

But suddenly, when she reached her 8 years old, she grow faster than I could imagine.

Don't worry.....

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