August 07, 2006

Unhealthily Delicious

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Reading food labels, checking on the percentages of vitamins, minerals, saturate fat, etc., is a new thing for me. Obviously, the trend of fitness, health and nutrition has captured me.

Baking cookies and cakes is a new thing for me too. Well, the wonder of oven, electric mixer, square or round baking pan, muffins pan, or whatever pan for whatever purpose, juicer, blender, food processor, peeler ... is pure American. You know you are definitely in a developed industrial world when you step in an American kitchen. My mom, a lifetime cook, was amazed, confused, daunted and rendered powerless by my small and messy collection of kitchen utensils.

It is a wonderful thing to be able to bake. To hurriedly mix flour, brown sugar, white sugar, eggs, butter, walnuts, vanilla extract, chocolate, baking soda, a million things in a pot, then bake it up. Smells the delicious smell, then eat the cookies when they are still burning hot.

That is what I love about being in America. You are empowered, encouraged and equipped to do everything yourself. Here, every domestic man becomes a handyman, fixing basement, garden and bathroom; every woman tries to become a master cook. Well, we poor working class people have to be self-sufficient.

However to cook or bake anything, I have to shamelessly borrow and copy. So I borrowed a few books. After several successful batches of cookies, I started reading labels about them and paying attention to the ingredients.

Oh, bad. All cookies and cakes are evilly fattening and potentially harmful.

I wonder why no one has attacked wonderful cookies and cakes? If that "Super Size Me" guy (Morgan Spurlock) had his experiments on cookies instead, 3-month-long nothing but cookies, how much his waist line would swell, other health indices plummet? Why do we always have to celebrate birthday with birthday cakes, weddings with wedding cakes?

Sweet tradition of sweet treat.

Monday, August 07, 2006
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