August 10, 2006

Speaking English

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One day in August, two months since Emma went to Loyola preschool, Emma suddenly started talking. Really talking, not just bits of phrases and words here and there, not just singing, not just doing so playfully with us at home.

That day when I went to pick her up, her teacher Novelle was all smile and told me: "Emma has talked a lot today!" I was so amazed and greatly relieved.

How the barrier was suddenly down? What was the ice breaker? Why it is not a snowball kind of accumulation of bits and pieces?

I wonder if saying her first English word filled her with terror? I remember how I was terrified to utter a single word in a classroom, my face flared red, my heart pounding, my pulse quicked, my mouth dry ...

I also wonder, how she, talktive by nature, has managed to stay happy without her needs and thoughts being heard? Was she ever concerned that she could not say whatever she wanted to say?

Thursday, August 10, 2006
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