August 16, 2006

Resemblance of routine

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Every once in a few months, I would be burned by the fire and desire of being a good/educated parent. I would go out borrowing a bag full of parenting books and surfing online a whole day for parenting tips, educational theories, devouring lists of milestones for children's developments, plunging myself into worries, doubts, fear and daydreaming. At one time, I was contemplating of changing my career to become a preschool teacher.

That is me. Impulsive. That is my new-year-new-month-new-day resolutions. As all resolutions, they never last long. They are dismissed, re-resoluted, or forgotten.

But anyway, bits and pieces of information did spill into my scattered brain from my impulsive readings. one of the most offered tips is routines.

Routines. Children thrive on sameness and repetition. "Knowing what to expect from relationships and activities helps children become more confident".

Easier said than done. I would thrive on a set of routines for Emma as well. 9pm to bed, 7am to rise. 6 pm dinner, 7:30pm reading.

Life would be a lot simpler.

However, who is that disruptor of routines? Emma. Doesn't she sometimes take over an hour to finish her dinner? Doesn't she ask for milk, then juice, then water, then brush her teeth, then ask for milk again? Doesn't she lie in bed, linger on and talk and talk for half an hour?

Two days ago I read an incredibly moving, honest, hilarious and poignant memoir The color of water by James McBride. In the book, the mother raised 12 children through poverty, total chaos by her sheer force. The 12 children including the author all grow up into high-achievers, professionals, etc.

Somewhere in the book, James McBride wrote, "Despite the orchestrated chaos of our home,we always ate meals at a certain time, always did homework at a certain time, and always went to bet at a certain time."

Wow. How did she manage that? 12 Children. I can manage to keep a resemblance of routine. And I have only one.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006
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tere616 said...


I tried to put the same routine but always failed.

Maybe because am a working mother. I left home at 6.30 am and be at home around 7.30 pm, sometimes around 8.30 pm.

But the other routine that still works up to now, is if they want to eat instant noodle (they only allow to eat instant noodle once a week) at week days, they always called me for permission.

Xun said...

Thank you, tere616. The instant noodle policy is good, I am very impressed that they abide by even when you are away. Wonderful kids.

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