August 03, 2006

The problem of overeating

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Since when, people started to analyse everything from a multitude of point of view, psychological, physical, environmental, sexual, racial, social ... And so on and so forth.

One day I was talking to my colleagues about eating habits. They started the topic, I ventured to contribute my share. I said: "When I met something I like, I tend to lose control, eat and eat until I burst." It is true.

Immediately, my colleagues concluded: "Ah, stress!"

I was shocked and put down. I did not know my eating habit is a stress-related problem, though I know there is a term called "emotional hunger."

I do not know. If it was, I've had this problem since very little. I've had a string of overeating incidents. When I was six, one day in my kindergarten, I liked a kind of steamed buns with meat filling, I ate and ate and ate. I ate 7 of them, each was about 50g, I later passed out.

I would like to learn some kind of bulimia. However, so far, I can only manage pig eating.

Is that a psychological problem? I do not know. To me, it is probably more of a hopelessly predetermined thing. To me, many things (including cause and effect), personality, intelligence, physical appearance, success or failure are predetermined. Yes, nature and nurture play side by side. But nature first.

Luckily for me, I am not morbidly fat. May be just slightly on the side of overweight.

However, I do want to shed the extra five to 10 pounds. Have not been very successful. The extra pounds live in my body, by the tummy and thighs, reinforced from time to time by my habit of overeating.

Every time I eat beyond the threshold. Guilt washes over me. I eat more.

So it is psychological/emotional, after all.

Thursday, August 03, 2006
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overeating psychological? pretty interesting post indeed:)

Shahzad said...

I do the same too but never looked at it this way!!

Xun said...

ah, the misterious and most appreciated Shahzad. Never wanted to return my email, however always unexpectedly popped up in my blog.

Thank you, Shahzad, my friend.

Shahzad said...

Hey did I miss any of your emails?
I am so sorry, but the truth is I never got any..

my current email is

my hotmail is full of junk, i believe i usually corresponded with you over hotmail which i rarely check nowadays. hoping to not miss your email now :)

Xun said...

Thanks, Shahzad. Now neither you nor I get any excuses.

Stay cool.

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