August 10, 2006

My music taste

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Today I read something that somebody reflected about to music chart top 40. I started thinking about mine.

I have always considered myself a music fan, even though we did not own a boom box until I was in high school. A fan of pop music, hot music, music hits. A fan at the level of Celion Dion and sound of music. I am never upgraded to the high class club of classic music. I can quite enjoy classic music now, however. When I was in college and graduate school, it was nothing but strange strident noise. My tolerance of it was zero. The same can be said about opera. The hysterical ear piercing twist of human sound.

But now I am shut out of even pop music. Understandable for a person who has been living in a foreign country for 9 years, who is in her 30s and deeply wrapped in the family life of a toddler and mortgage. Now seeing movie stars and music stars, the young and beautiful, is a depressing business. Age, once was a valid excuse of not achieving, now becomes a quick reminder of lost hope and stale reality.

I cannot hum any tunes of the currently hot songs now. Songs from earlier years, from legends like the Beatles, from the years when I was still young and in China, now made me nostalgic.

That is not all. Now what is humming in my head constantly is children's music, like Five little ducks, Bingo, A lot little pigs, a string of wee sing songs, a set of Mother Goose, ...

So that reflects my current music taste.

Thursday, August 10, 2006
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