August 24, 2006

Must Love Dogs??

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There is a book called "Must love dogs", then there is a movie "Must love dogs" based on the novel.

To me this is a strange title. Of course I am from a dog-eating country, so it is normal to be slightly resisting this dog-loving culture.

To Americans, "Must love dogs" is an statement written in the air, or grass where I gingerly step away from dog shit with disgust, or dog beaches where dogs vigorously do their workout in water, or sidewalks where dogs dressed in red or blue saunter by gloriously ...

There are also numerous forms of dog love, dog parties, dog play group, Miss dog competition, dog therapy, dog 911 ... Of course, dog websites, dog books, dog clothes lines do not even merit a mention. Dog business is a lucrative business.

Americans have shown great love for dogs. In that horrible hurricane Katrina, they took pains rescuing dogs. One year later after that horrible Katrina, the only law they passed is a pet law.

I do not get it. It is sickening to me.

Nor could I ever fathom the depth of the love my neighbor, my colleague, my friends have for their dogs. I generally would refuse any opportunity offered to me to warm up to dogs, especially big ones. The best, the politest I can manage is holding my breath and not scream nor take a flight.

Ok, love your dogs to your heart's content. However, Americans dog-eating bashing smells to me highly hypercritical.

(I never eat or kill or hurt any dogs. Thank goodness. I do not have to go to dog tribunal. On the contrary, my aunt's thumb was bitten off by a vicious dog many years ago)

What is wrong with eating a few dogs? (They are delicious, I heard. (Muslim never criticize non-Muslims eating pigs, nor Indians criticize beef-eating savages) And really, what do you say about pigs, chicken, geese, cows, fish, sheep, lamb, ducks ... Why on earth, you slaughter so many pigs, yet you cringe at the sight of a dying dog? What is the big fuss about one in a million Chinese once in 10 years eat a dog?

By the way, I conciously or unconciously teach my daughter to fear dogs, since only a week ago, a boy was severely wounded by a "cute-looking" pit bull.

Thursday, August 24, 2006
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