July 06, 2006

Why keep a diary?

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I do not know why I kept staring at the computer for over an hour and adamantly tried to put something into words and sentences and type them out?

I do not why people keep diaries in the old times? Why they even wanted to lock away their diaries to keep from other people's curious eyes? What? Do not we vie for people's attention? Do not we do everything to just be visited, read and talked about?

"My problem is that I do not have a reader." Some years ago, a Chinese poet wrote. He (or she) must have been widely read, though. For from then on, a million trivial voices sigh: "My problem is that I do not have a reader."

Maybe trivial minds think the same.


We passed long July 4th weekend in a swirl. It was a long, busy, fun and tiresome weekend. Then it is past. Now I am back to work, Emma back to school, my parents are back to China.

Thursday, July 06, 2006
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tere616 said...

Hi, don't be sad. I don't have a reader also. But it's okay.

I have you and you have me, or I do believe you have others too.

Sometimes they just stop by, browse the topic that they like and read it.

Sometimes they gave their comment, sometimes not.

But at least, by writing our own journey, our own thought, people could learn from us, laugh or even cry with us.

Shahzad said...

I am an avid reader of your blog...

Xun said...

Thank you, guys.

This is so heart-warming and encouraging. Just for you, I would plow on blogging.

Why? I also love blogging too.

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