July 31, 2006


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It was really hot Friday. But Who is afraid the heat? Emma's preschool had another picnic. With just a sandwich and a bottle of water, Leo and I and Emma went to the picnic.

It turned out to be quite fun and informative. Hiding my shyness and nevousness with any threat of conversation, I bravely approached and talked to Emma's teachers, Novell, Bev, Katie, Judy. (Never had the courage or time before. In the morning dropin, I am always in a hurry, in the afternoon pickup, the teachers are generally busy with the dozen of kids. )

The teachers are all fond of Emma. She is happy, sweet, good natured, easy going. She sings a lot. She is not even as quiet as I had been feared. Not able to use sentences, she talked in short bursts of words and phrases ...

Leo and I built a little pond by the lake, Emma ran around to fetch water and fed the ever thirsy pond, who absorbed all water in a blink of eyes. At least that is how Emma saw the problem. She said: "ah, you are so thirsty. I will give you water."

Monday, July 31, 2006
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tere616 said...

Hahahahaha....I love her comment. Something that we'll miss when they enter their young adult age.

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