July 17, 2006

Miss Blogging

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I spent more than a whole week without blogging. Suddenly busy. I even worked on Saturday and Sunday, which left a load of laudary unfolded, meals unprepared, shopping list unchecked ...

Surprisingly, I kind of missed the business of blogging. Ha! The business of blogging lonely and secretively hoping someone would drop me a comment or two. Somehow, blogging has become my at least twice-a-week-ly chore that I both love and hate to do. It is my mental workout. Like my 3-to-5-times-a-week-ly workout at Bally Fitness, it becomes one of my subroutines.


Monday, July 17, 2006
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Peace said...

Hi xun, I understand how you feel... women are like octupus, we have so many roles and tasks to do. You are not alone.

Xun said...

Thank you, peace.

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