July 08, 2006

Ha. Ha.

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Movies are the biggest sacrifice I made since Emma came back from China. I have seen only three movies so far (I know I am dumb). However I have gained a lot more sleep. Reading and singing to her definitely induces me to early sleep every night.

A few days ago I could not resist the temptation to scratch my itch for movies, I got myself a movie, "The Notebook". I got a movie for Emma too, "Winnie the Pooh".

Emma's Winnie DVD does not work (What a disappointment! I was more upset than Emma). Mine worked, yet the movie sucked: slow, silly, affecting, acted up. It is acclaimed as something like modern "Romeo and Juliet." Definitely not so.

And it is children inappropriate. All those frolicking!

However, Watching it with Emma made the bordom bearable even fun though, for Emma had fresh comments for everything stale. She had funny questions.

At one point, the female character Alice splashed ice cream onto the face of the male (what is his name?) then grabbed him and kissed him all over. Emma said: "Oh, she helped him eat the ice cream."

Ha. Ha.

Saturday, July 08, 2006
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tere616 said...

LOL ! It's funny ! Oh..it's funny. I always love to read a child's comment on something. They are so funny.

Hey, why don't you try the original movie like Madeline, Barney or Annie (the non animated one)or Andy Pandy (the animated one). BTW, my little daughter suggested "Bratz" for Emma...hahaha

Send my regards and kisses to her.

Xun said...

Thanks, tere. I will try the movies. Thanks for recommendation.

I will kiss her for you. Thanks for that too.

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