June 13, 2006

Why did the baby cry?

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"The bears drank so much water that ...", Emma looked at me playfully and expectantly. She loved the stories of two adventurous and greedy bears, and she has asked the same questions again and again.

"Ei-yo-yoooo..." Frown hard, bent down, hands covering my stomach, I groan loudly. "Ei-yo, ei-yo, my tommy hurts so-oo much". I re-acted this part again and again, each time louder and more dramatic.

"My tommy hurts more than you." That is Emma. She knew the story too well. She shouted in excitement.

Emma loves stories, especially the parts when the little guys in the stories got hurt or cried. She would become very curious and concerned, and she ask about and retell those plots again and again.

She lavishes her attention on crying babies or moaning bunnies. A lot of times, when she sees a baby cry, she would ask "Why does the baby cry?" I would say "maybe she is hungry or tired". She would think about it and make a story like this:

"The baby cried. She missed mommy. Later, mommy came back, she stopped crying."

She must have told me the story a dozen times.

The crying little things must make her very empathic, and maybe they also make her feel useful and important.
Whenever we are sick or hurt ourselves, she is always gentle and attentive. She would always offer to blow or massage gently. That is her way of making you feel better.

She often expands a story by adding that a happy ending. I read her a story titled something like "why crows' feathers are black?", where a crow got burned in winter and therefore her pretty feathers turned black. Emma thought about the story and said,

"The little crow got burned. She was hurt. So she went to her mommy and cried. She cried and cried. So mommy comforted her and said 'don't worry. But next spring new pretty feathers will grow out. Then the crow will become white'"

(Maybe I added the "next spring" opportunity. I could not remember.) But it became the our version of crow's story, that the crow's feather will become white again in the spring.

But I do not know what made her come up with this new ending?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006
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