June 14, 2006

What's so terrible about being one?

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I heard and read quite a lot about terrible twos. While I was celebrating Emma's second birthday, I was kindly warned about "Terrible twos".

So far I have not found anything terrible about a two-year-old.

On the other hand, looking back, I think the first few months are truly anxiety-inducing.

First there was feeding problem, gravely written on the summary report by her doctor during our first well-child visit. Oh, yeah, Emma was like 5 ounces lighter than her birth weight. So I stayed in bed with her for two weeks, baring my breasts to feed her in about every 5 minutes (at least feel that way), squeezing my nipples every 10 minutes to check if I got a serious milk supply problem. Leo and I even took a trip for special breast-feeding instructions. We bought a ridiculous looking feeding pillow.

Then there were skin problems. Sometimes the skin looked too dry and scaly, so we were introduced to Eucerin. Quite a few times Emma got big hives, so we rushed to hospital once and again. Then for over a month, Emma's check was plagued by who-knows-what, all red and pimples, then somewhere near her left ear, it got broken (yellowish thing oozing). So we got this lotion and that, finally we started on Ellidel and put her rashes, baby acnes, whatever dermatitis at bay.

Of course sleep problem was the persistent classic universal headache, as exasperating as hell. Yeah, think about it, 3 hours a night, 50 attempts trying to get back to sleep, then spring to action every half an hour after.

Then there was food allergy problem. Allergic to milk, allergic to peanut, maybe.

Always, always there was so much uncertainty. "Should I pick her up if she cries?" I did, believing that you can never spoil your baby. "Can I feed her this?" "Are baby food full of dangerous chemicals?"

Also there was so much fussing you over from my roommate. "Gosh, you have to wash the baby clothes using only this detergent." "Come on, you have to wash them with a cycle, then rinse them in another cycle, then dry them another cycle." "Xun, look at this, you have to eat this and that to have good milk, otherwise she will be depraved of this and that." "Take her out, out, 24 hours a day. Give her sun." "Are you trying to kill her? Look at this dust ball."

And there was probably horomone inbalance on my part. Postpartum syndrom loomed large.

And on her part, she was not responsive in the beginning. It was not even possible to hold her gaze until she was almost 4 mos old.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006
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Tachizuno said...
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Tachizuno said...

I'd add an "about" to your title...

What's so terrible about being one

Sounds better...

Just a thought though, your article.

I liked what you wrote


Xun said...

Thanks. You are right and I have added "about".

I reread this entry again and found another 5 things terrible about being one.

jan said...

I love my children with all my heart, but when they were two, they knew 2 words: No and mine.

I tried to rent them out. No takers.

Neither of my girls went through the heavily-hyped "Terrible Twos." The "Gut-Wrenching Threes" though, were another story altogether.

(Not that I'm trying to scare you.)

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