June 09, 2006

Truth & Beauty, etc.

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At work, I am not always loaded with a lot of work, sometimes I have a lot of time to squander (of course I have to be careful not to appear that way, I have to try hard to look as busy as the weavers of the Emperor's new clothes.)

With the time, I managed to read some paperback books or listen to
audios books. Among them, I really like:

Ann Pachette's Truth and Beauty - a sometimes hilarious, sometimes
hearbreaking, always beautiful and moving recount of long-lasting
friendship between two women writers. I wish I could read more of the books by Ann Pachette and her friend Luch Grealey.

As Simple As Snow by Gregory Galloway - "A mesmerizing labyrinth of
art, magic, and cryptic love sparks the imagination in this arresting first novel about a young man's quest to unravel the puzzle his missing girlfriend may (or may not) have left behind." But I feel deeply unsatisfying even cheated when the story ends as cluelessly as the way it begins: the web of puzzles, codes and ominous signals still hangs frustratingly over, tangled and gray.

I have been reading Jane Fonda's autobiogrphy "My life so far" What a life she has had sofar! One million of my petty life cannot add up to 1/3 of her life. Love her vivid description of Ted Turner.

Friday, June 09, 2006
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insanehare said...

Your blog looks quite good. The theme fits with the topic and it seems you have put a lot of time into the posts (which look really good).

Keep it up!

Xun said...

Thank you. I like your blog name, wild, cute and picturisque. I would have to scratch my head bald to come up with a name like that. Still need to actually visit the blog though.

thanks for the nice comments on my blog too.

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