June 28, 2006

Ten Thousand Whys?

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One of the daunting books in my childhood is "Ten Thousand Whys". It came in many many volumes. I probably have read a few entries. I know it has answers to questions like "Why people sweat?" or "Why it snows in winter?" I was very impressed even though I could not bear to read it at all (too many details to my muddled little brain).

I do not remember I have seen such books in America.

Now there is a website Dropping Knowledge (www.yourquestion.org) to let people ask questions, high-mind questions, questions "to find out what you would like to change about the world." I think with enough questions and answers collected, it would organically grow into a wikipedia typed ebook "Ten Thousand Whys".

This probably will not happen in the longest time, though. I browsed the site a little, found the navigation hard, questions few and monotonous, answers sparse.

Well, maybe next time when I come around to go to the site, it would have a different (busy, thriving) look.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006
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