June 21, 2006

Pick Strawberries

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I am not a farm gal. I do not have a big backyard to attend flowers or grow vegetables. However, growing up in a small town, in an university called SiChuan University of Agriculture, I am not quite a stranger to farming. I've raised chicken, planted tomatoes, seen people thrashing wheat, helped making soy milk out of fresh soy beans. In summer, I hunted berries in thick bushes, picked extremely tart grapes yet to ripe, employed long sticks to smack down plums and cherries ...

Still there are many other things that are exotic to me. Like strawberries.

Sure I have eaten them many times. I take them for granted. But I have no idea how they grow, what kind of plants bear these beautiful heart-shaped red flavorful little things.

So Sunday I, we, were all excited. We got to pick strawberries. And we all had a good time.

The weather was cool and fresh, still damp with the passing morning rain. The nice little farm called "Susie's Garden Patch" in Garden Prairie is friendly (especially kids friendly) and self-sufficient and country. It has a little sand park with all the equipment, horse-drawn cart, and pony riding activities. It even has people performing country music.

Of course, the best fun was picking strawberries. Rows and rows of strawberry plants lay low on the ground, light green leaves moist with the morning rain. You push the leaves slightly aside, there, cluster of red strawberries lied below. They were not as big, as red, as perfectly shaped as those seen on the market, lovely, delightful nonetheless.

So excited were we and so eager were we to cut our teeth through the succulent strawberries. And, boy, they were sweet. We all commented that they tasted more strawberry than those on the market.

Emma had another reason to be extra happy. She met a big friend, a six-year-old boy John, my friends' son. The boy is big, tall, dark and handsome. He is passionate about trains. He is very fond of Emma. He held her hand gently, he took her everywhere. He said: "Emma, come here. Come here." "Emma, pick this strawberry". "Emma, put your strawberry here."...

Emma giggled frequently.

Damn, we forgot to take a camera with us.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006
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