June 26, 2006

Oops! A little cold

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This past weekend we spent quietly, not going anywhere, not doing much at all.

Emma was sick. She is still.

It probably started with our good-faithed attempt to alleviate her suffering from summer heat. She is allergic to heat. She sweats profusely day and night (especially night) from the onset of summer. Just a few nights into the summer, she has had heat rash around the nape of her neck. But, why? To me, the weather cannot be called hot yet.

Nevertheless, I had Leo turn on the air conditioner. The second morning she woke up with a little lightly runny noise. The third day her nose got a little stuffy and had some yellow discharge. The fifth day she started coughing. Last night she coughed quite seriously My bad, I always forgot to put her on extra clothes when she went to preschool, where temperature is always tuned from cool to cold (like every hall, every shop, every office in America. Why? Maybe they want everyone to be formally dressed everywhere and any time).

I googled the web a little bit under "children cold". I found that common colds last 10-15 days then resolve themselves. What? 10-15 days? Most children have on average 3 to 8 infections, with children in day care could have even more. What? 3 to 8 times? 3 times a year, 10 days each time amounts to 1 month sick time, 1 month withdrawal and retreat at home.

What kind of strain and pressure do that put on parents? How about the multiple unconditional vacation, in-service days of preschool?

It is good to be a stay-at-home mom. It is such a wonder even miracle other people manage to take care of 2, 3, 4, or even more children.

Not at all immune to cold, Emma is immune to worries. Throughout the cold days, Emma radiated energy, beaming smile, and kept me smiling and laughing and amused with her cute cute words.

She ate her medicines good, to my amazement, without any protest. Not only that, she asked me after finishing them, "Is there any more medicine I can eat?"


While she was eating her medicines, she said: "Mommy, when you have cold, I will feed you medicine. Ok?"

Thank you, my darling Emma.

Monday, June 26, 2006
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