June 28, 2006

Bilingual Toddler

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One month into her exclusively English-speaking preschool, Emma is well settled on her journey to achieve the feat of being bilingual.

Sure, everyone knows babies in diapers are the best receivers and fastest learners in terms of languages. They are native speakers of all languages, as long as you feed them. They swallow, taste, digest words and sentences like cakes, then they split out words and sentences at a incremental rate after they reach 2.

As for Emma, in terms of English, not so fast though.

She is yet to speed up her English assembly and production belt. She only occasionally bursts out words. No sentences at all. However she has shown, through her daily interaction with her teachers and peers, that she already understands most of the preschool English.

Potty, pee, poo, eat, drink...

Oh, when it comes to food, her vocabulary is without bound, candy, ice cream, bread, strawberry, blueberry, water melon, cantaloupe, rice, pasta, juice...

She has a lot of animals words, cat, dog, butterfly, ladybug, monkeys ... On the bulletin board of her preschool, it was written that Emma' favorite bug is butterfly. How did they find that out?

I do not understand how brain functions? What makes children absorb languages so fast and effortless?

Wednesday, June 28, 2006
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