June 07, 2006

Adora Svitak

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I could not bring myself to blog yesterday, even though I was not particularly busy. So steal an email from myself and post it up.

The email started from the conversation between a friend and me about a child prodigy (Adora Svitak) who published a book at age of 8, then I digressed to (who else?) Emma.

Thanks. It is so incredible, one in a million. The way she (Adora Svitak) talks and writes is more intelligent than 70% of adults, include all of us. I read her blog also. She probably has an IQ of above 200. She is a complete genius in a child's body.

What can we say? She is so rare and brilliant and so high in the sky, while we can only sink still deep on the earth, not even dare to emulate or aspire.

On a bright note, your Leo is unusually bright too, in math and
language. And he is so cute, active and assertive. Emma probably will excel in language and singing. She always cheerfully brushes aside my attempt of teaching her math. To her, the best talk is a song about ducks/kittens, or a story about birdies/bunnies.

Thanks for letting the little guys play together. I am not very good
at making friends, Emma is also a timid one. But I think I can at
least try to have them bond. You cannot imagine how happy I was
yesterday to see Leo and Emma hold hand in hand.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006
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Jade said...

I'm not sure why you chose to leave a snotty comment on my blog. Is it because I do not have a "mommy blog"? I do not write to please the masses, unlike most bloggers in the blogsphere. I write for myself, and for the family that I do not have close to me. The one rule I live is that one person's blog is not for all, and when you find one that you don't like, there is no need to comment. People comment because something someone has said touches them somehow. Folks yearn for lazy, boring days, maybe that's why they felt as though they had something to say about those two posts in particular. Why did you comment? I see no posts here that are mind altering either, but then again, I wouldn't have commented on your blog had you not been mean on mine either.

Xun said...

Sorry, never mean to offend. I was just genuinely curious, almost jealous. I often have many many very very lazy boring days, so boring I hate to think about them. I thought only Seinfield folk can write about and have fun about doing nothing, abosolutely nothing.

Anonymous said...

I think that Adora's brilliance really shine from her heart. She is so dedicated to use her talent and skills to inspire and encourage other children. Just watch her story on NBC nightly news, you can watch her video clip from this link http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/13230202/

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