May 23, 2006

A miracle, please!

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Friday, I took Emma to her doctor's office for a physical examination (to get ready for preschool). She got As in all growth categories (She is active, happy, very verbal. She even gained a pound in just two months).

However, I feel unsatisfied with her height. Right now, Emma stands just about 2' 10'' (88cm). The first time, the nurse Luz measured her using the regular toddler scale. 2' 10'', she announced and left. And We sauntered around the room to wait for the doctor, Dr. Terrizzi.

Emma's pediatrician is small, friendly and has a way with children. Whenever children are cranky, he would turn off light and use his flashlights to project bright moons on the wall. He would also whistle high fast tunes like birds. These tricks generally make children quiet and cooperative.

About 10 minutes also, Dr, Terrizzi showed up. Looking at the chart, he said: "This is not right. She cannot be shorter". Indeed, she regressed on the chart. So we measured Emma one more time, lying her down on a baby scale, fussy about whether her head has touched headboard perfectly. The result did not fare very much better. After 2 tries, Emma became officially 88cm tall, in the 25 percentile range.

Ouch. My heart sank a little. Will she be as short as I am, or even shorter?

"She will be taller than you." Dr. Terrizzi said as-a-matter-of-fact-ly.

Easy to say. And what does he know?

However, there is really nothing I can do. Even Google search would not turn up much helpful information. Maybe it is simply growth delay. Maybe she will grow faster when she hits puberty. But whatever, tt is n your genes.

Still, dream for a miracle. All my children be pretty and tall, talented and lovable.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006
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Rachel Inbar said...

I was such a shrimp as a kid. I was 4'4" at 10 and didn't grow until I was almost 15. Today I'm 5'4" - not tall, but definitely normal... As long as she's healthy she'll be fine :-)

Xun said...

Thanks for sharing this information, at least for a while I would not try to search for more affirmation and more information with regards to how to grow tall.

5'4'' is enviably tall. I am only 5'1''. I am actually fine or have long stopped fussing about my own height.

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