May 25, 2006

Mind the time

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I used to have a sea of time to burn, to torch. Lost in time, bored to tears and death, knowing not what to do. Now time, especially after-work and before-work time is a valuable commodity for me.

I have to fight for every Emma-is-waking minute. Always a lost battle. On weekdays, with 8 solid hours at work and almost two hours commuting, all I get is a tiny one hour (6:30 to 7:30) in the morning, a miserable two hours (5:30-9:00) in the evening.

As ever, dressing up, washing up and eating take up the chunk of the morning time. Everytime I say good-bye, Emma loops over her arms around me not wanting me to go.

Next week, Emma would be going to preschool. I wonder what kind of finely-tuned cajoling skills and delicate balance I need to get her dressed, washed and ready for school, while still have some morning fun time with her. She has just learned to dress herself head to toe. But how slowly! She needs an audience (bunny, me, sometimes daddy, bear...) to watch her and applaud for her. She stops in the middle of putting up her undies to talk to her little bunny for minutes. Still I do not want to rush her or just dress for her. It won't work anyway.

As always, in the evening, we have to do so many important things, eating super, washing up, maybe a short walk out, reading and talking, brushing teeth, then maybe more milk or cookies (she always ask for it before bed), then I sing while she gradually falls asleep.

She sleeps hopelessly late. I know. Babies are supposed to sleep at 7, at least no later than 8. But How? You get home at 5:30 and it takes an hour to finish super (ignore the cooking time, right now my mom cooks)? And how do you squeeze the reading time?

Some iron-clad rules, some structure. Maybe. However, will you take the child's plate away if the half-hour dinner time is up but she is only half full?

Any good intelligent moms out there?

Thursday, May 25, 2006
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Suanne said...

Emma looks very beautiful in her cheongsam.

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