May 15, 2006

Gee, Geese!

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Just when we planned our get-away weekend, the temperature dropped. My parents were forced to put on their warm wool coat. Not wanting to just stay home, watching the gray sky and wind blowing the tree branches (sometimes violently), we opted for a nearby nature center in Skokie.

I thought it would be a indoor nature center, with birds, flowers and exotic trees. No, it is a big woods with a small lake on the side, and paved and wood chipped trails running through.

We got there in the morning. Cold, quiet, very quiet and what a lovely expanse of deep green. We loved it. The small playground has slide, merry-go-around, climber, walking bridge, all the regular things, but it also has SEE-SAW, and a sand box with SAND DIGGERS (not very often seen in other playgrounds). Still cold and wet with the last rain. We rode the see-saw, Emma took turns sitting in our arms. She loved it.

The stars in our small outing were the two mother geese and four little baby geese sauntering around, absolutely at ease with our stare. Later, we saw the mother geese gracefully led the four baby geese swimming away, as if they were gliding along the surface.

Emma was fascinated and I missed no opportunity snapping away.

Monday, May 15, 2006
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