May 06, 2006

Everything about my child

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When Emma is surrounded by family (mom, dad, grandma-and-pa), in a familiar environment, e.g., home, or even in a welcoming relative's home, she is happy, active, talkative, running and singing a lot and frequently making remarks that are sometimes incorrect, but funny or observant or sweet, or all of them.

For example, if she see you cough, she would say to you in a very concerning tone, "You have a cold? You need to drink water, eat your medicine." She often us: "I am your sweet baby. I am so good."

My dad has a habit of walking after dinner. When he came back today, Emma said, "Grandpa, where have you gone? Did you go to school or out for a walk?"

Leo today had a super-short hair cut. When Emma saw him in his new look, she was kindly confused, so said she: "Are you DADDY???"


(I think Emma is advanced in terms of her language skills. Often read that toddlers at this age can make 3-to-5-word sentences, but she can make complex sentences, using a lot of "if", "because...", etc., inserting new words everyday.)

She is a brainy child, however, she is not physical. She is not rough and tough. She would fuss over a small cut for days, demanding to cover it with a band aid with a pudgy Winnie face.

She is small. Small frame, small roundish face, small oval-shaped black eyes, low nose bridge, small up-turned nose, small plump lips. Everything about her is small, cute, lovable, fragile like a China porcelain doll.

She is not a sport type, probably never will be. She loves music, books, arts, crafts, stuff animals, and other "intellectual" quiet play-alone games. Yeah, she does not like to play with other kids. She loves swing, but that probably is the only outdoor "sports" thing. She is timid with sliding. Took us quite some persuading and her quite some trying that she started tentatively stiff sliding down. She quickly learned to bike her tricycle, but she quickly lost interest in it. I bet she would never speed like crazy as other kids do.

She is always cautious, not adventurous. While other kids would jump, run, climb all over, and slide down bed or every other thing slidable, Emma would always check out carefully, holding on things tightly, daring out let go, e.g., the bed sheet she is holds on while trying to get off the bed. She would cry, "Mommy, I will fall. ..."

She is always very polite, sweet and affectionate towards older people, however, she seems to be weary or afraid of or cautious about her peers. So far, a lot of times, when other little toddlers approaches her, she would kind of freeze, watching, not saying or doing anything. She is always easily taken advantage of and pushed around by other kids.

One day, at the children's museum, I took her to slide. When she climbed up to the top and was ready to swing, then some other kids came close to her, she immediately retreated and told me: "There are other kids." I said, "Emma, it is ok. It's your turn. They can wait". But she exited anyway. A few times, other kids rushed over and took over her brush and went ahead painting, Emma simply looked upon them.

It hurts me whenever I see her retreat without a fight, withdraw without a protest. It pains me to think that when she is older she would be bullied by other kids, or she would always on the fringe, watching, unable to stand up for herself and make the best for herself. I wish her stronger. I wonder how much the withdrawing, non aggressive, introverted, shy side ( and everything that cages you) of Leo and me is passed on to her. I wonder how much she can fight her genes, how much I can help her, myself quiet, socially awkward, always prefer to stay alone, have only few friends, suffering fits of self-pity, self-blame because of the opportunities and time passed by, because of all the things I would never be


Saturday, May 06, 2006
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Leo said...

Emma has some of my characters. I found out there are somethings that she has but I don't. She is talkative, and she is very good in language. She can easily tell people what she needs, what she likes and what she hates. Sometimes, I don't know what I need. So, cheers, emma. Somethings you have but I don't.

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