April 17, 2006

Have an Easter as sweet as you, granddaughter

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I always know illiteracy could be dangerous, but I never knew that it could be downright funny and cute! I knew now from first hand, or actually second hand experience.

Emma picked out a card for Leo's birthday. Completely indifferent of the person and the occasion the card was for, she picked out a card she loved most, it has a cute cartoonish Easter bunny on the cover. It was an easy pick, since Leo's birthday happened to be in the Easter bunny season. However, upon opening the card, all of us got a big laugh, because the card read: "Have an Easter as sweet as you, GRANDDAUGHTER!"

Well, not a very conventional or even appropriate pick, but since it was from Emma, we all loved it.

Emma's birthday card for daddy

Monday, April 17, 2006
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haha said...

I do not mind getting a birthday card like that, maybe next time it would be something like "Wish you well, my dear colleague!"

Leo said...

She will laugh when she knows the meaning. Thanks, my dear daughter.

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