April 19, 2006

Blow your nose gently

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Puffs Pal
Maria Montessori always held children to the highest respect and tried to show children how to deal with everyday life. On one occasion, she described:

"I decided to give the children a slightly humorous lesson on how to blow their noses. After I had shown them different ways to use a handkerchief, I ended by indicating how it could be done as unobtrusively as possible. I took out my handkerchief in such a way that they could hardly see it and blew my nose as softly as I could. The children watched me in rapt attention, but failed to laugh. I wondered why, but I had hardly finished my demonstration when they broke out into applause that resembled a long repressed ovation in a theater. When I was on the point of leaving the school, the children began to shout, 'Thank you, thank you for the lesson!'"

Puffs Pal
I would love to see a movie about Montessori, I would be most curious to see in movies, among other things, how she'd blow her nose? For I wondered how she took out the handkerchief? Did she cover her nose? Did she blow her nose seriously or in a mocked fashion while eyeing her curly-headed little people? How long did it take? Was it somehow like the napkin commercial of PUFFS, after dangling PUFFS playfully over, the little noses feel soft, funny, and very pampered?

I really want to know how she blew her nose so gently so lovely that the little children would erupt in joyful appreciation. For sometimes Emma has a runny noise, and then she'd grab a tissue, quickly almost a little brutally dry her nose in a left-right-left-right fashion. Sometime she'd pick her nose, too. Whenever she does this, I would try to do a demonstration in Montessori's way. I would hold a piece of Kleenex to my nose, lightly touch it then blow a bit. However, I never succeeded, Emma simply regarded me as if I was the most unfunny and weird clown.

(Images are those of PUFFS kids'. From Puffs website. I love their commericial of these funny speckled kids.)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006
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