March 16, 2006

We love Children's museum

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We fell in love with Kohl's Children museum in Evanston when Emma was barely 6 months old. Since then, Leo took Emma there almost daily. People works there knew the pair well. However at that time, Emma was not able to hello her charming hellos yet. She could not grasp just how fun the museum was. Evan after she was able to toddle around, She was still totally indifferent to the little Dominicks with their fun shopping cart or cash machine, she had no interests in the noisy wet water planets, she had no clue how to operate the little machine of sandbags... Instead, she spent most of her time crawling contently in the soft colorful crawl space or drumly loudly on the big drums.

Now we fell in love with the Children's museums again. This time Chicago Children's museum (it is a little easier going there). I bought a membership. Every Saturday or Sunday Emma and I take the red line then the trolley to the museum.

Emma loves the Monkey King exhibit that is going on there. Monkey King is a Chinese legendary also literary figure. In China almost everyone knows about this naughty heroic monkey. However, to Emma, monkey king does not bear any cultural importance. She is simply attracted to the little ping-pong-like machine. Beacause she is short, I often sit down on the floor and let her stand
on my knees and play. Push this handle up, turn that wheel around, let the little metal ball fall into holes and slide away, play and play, she plays for an hour nonstop.

Then we would go upstairs and wander into the little activity room
on the third floor. Wow, so many pieces of colorful retangle-shaped cloth, all in a little bamboo basket. So many colorful threads, also in a basket. Plus, there are also knitting frames, thick paper, a little weaving machine. Emma quickly sits down, gluing cloth onto paper, making her collage. She loves to apply a lot of glue, and often times put glue on both sides. No matter. We have fun.

She would spend an hour doing just the glueing. We still have 90% of rooms unexplored.

Of course, we love the shows at the Navy Pier stage, just right downstairs of the Children's Musuem. We love the funny clown juggler and unicycler, we love the pirates on the sea who fight for a diamond. Emma insists that the big green dragon played by a lady is a big frog. So be it.

By the time we head home, sun starts to set. We have had a good time.

Thursday, March 16, 2006
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