March 03, 2006

A tricycle

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Since my parents and Emma arrived, now the already tight one-bedroom apartment is definitely crammed (I know, we need to get a bigger one). Not just that. My parents bought 4 suitcases full of things and they strategically stuffed things everywhere. On our side, we started buying things, more things, for Emma. Now her toys crawl over half of the living room. Yesterday, she got a tricycle.

A tricicle with red seat, yellow handles, three stocky sturdy wheels, and a big yellow back passenger seat (?) dragging behind.

What a fun! What a thrill!

Emma is definitely excited. But she had no clue how to operate it. I showed her. So soon she was on the bike and wheeling all over the place (with me pushing behind). The funny thing is that Emma thinks so important of her little fluffy bunny, fuzzy doggy, smiling Minnie, and grizzly bear. After a few test drives, she got off the bike, and took over her quiet stuff animals and carefully placed them in the back seat. She said: "Bear, Minnie, doggy, let's ride the bike". After another five minutes or so, she got a better idea. She took the doggy and seated him in the front seat and tried to teach him to ride. I said: "Emma, doggy has very short hands. He cannot do it." Then she put the doggy back, and put the big tall Minnie in the front seat, said: "Minnie, ride the bike".

Ha, ha, ha, why the world of a 2-year-old is so wierd, so imaginative yet so real so fun?

Friday, March 03, 2006
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