March 06, 2006


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I can understand and appreciate why little boys and girls like stuff animals, dogs, rabbits, bears ... Emma has about a dozen. She treats them quite seriously, feed them, wash them, take them out occasionally. At night, some of her stuff animals crowd on her bed, snuggled with her under the blanket.

I have no problem with that. Instead, I always try to use her animals as role models so she would cry less and eat better ... But I am a little puzzled why babies and toddlers (including Emma) are crazy about teletubbies.

The first time I ever paid attention was at my friend's home. The then 2-year-old son of friend was playing with a toy with "Teletubbies" printed at the bottom. I blurted out: telet-oo-bies. My friend corrected me: No, it is teletubbies. I thought to myself: what a strange name. The second time my friend's son showed up at my door, wearing a teletubby packpack. I praised: "what a cute backpack!". My friend again told me, quite expertly: "This is tinky winky". I kept my quiet to hide my ignorance.

When Emma came back to Chicago (after spending 8 months in China), she is well caught by the Teletubbies fever. Only she called them in Chinese, "TianXianBaoBao" (天线宝宝), meaning "babies with antenna". I had no clue that this cute named thing is the famous teletubbies.

Emma almost talks about "TianXiaoBaoBao" daily. There is no way I can just "eh-ah" to get past this topic. So I looked it up on the Internet, searched on (the Chinese Google). So west meets east, "TianXiaoBaoBao" are telltubbies. So from then on, Emma gets to see telebubbies online everyday. Also teletubbies tv also greatly satisfied her appetite.

Soon enough, I can tell Tinky-Winky, Laa, Po, Dispsy apart. I also eh-oh with Emma. However, looking at the fluffy, colorful, surrealistic 4 little creatures, I am still puzzled by such an invention. Cannot articulate, I just feel them weird. What is it in them that have attracted children?

Monday, March 06, 2006
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