March 22, 2006

No time blogging

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I used to be a zealous movie fan, I used to watch chains of movies night after night. I once vowed to review every good movie I have seen (I reviewed about 1/4 of them). I also joked with Leo that he could put a DVD player in my tomb after I die. I am still a movie fan, only I have not seen any movies lately, not a single one this month.

I used to be a diligent, if not consistent, blogger. I do a lot of things for my blog, movie reviews, mumbo-jumbo about my mundane life, photo collage, occasionally sketches, a lot of photo editing, or whatever pleased me on any given day.

Now? Since Emma came back, I have only blogged sporadically. For the past two weeks, there was not a single post. No photo-collage, no wacky fun pictures, no sketches at all.

I have good excuses. I do not have time. Every bit of time before and after my work, before and after Emma's sleep, we play. Half of time just Emma and I, another half with Leo joining in.

When we play, we are totally in a two-year-old's fantasy world, a world that is totally independent of reality, believability or logic, a world that is incoherent, simple but fun. What is it made of? Paper, scissors, glue, crayons, a dozen of stuffed animals, quite some mocked household utensils (cups, bowls, pots...), a lot of books, balls, small toy cars, a tricycle ...(Still simple and cheap, but will be increasingly most costly and high tech, I am sure.) And this world is about basic needs, eat and sleep and play and take good care of the stuff animals' imaginary needs.

As I play, everything else fades, a lot of things matters no more. Nothing from my work, no news (good, bad, politically important or gossipy trivial) matters.

Surely, blogging does not fit in this baby land.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006
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Xun said...

I actually made time to blog again. It has become a part of life, so I decide to try really hard to keep it rolling.

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