March 12, 2006

It is hard to find a preschool

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It is hard to find a decent preschool or day care. All I wish for is a decent preschool that has convenient, nice and affordable. I know. What I am wishing for already has conflicted elements. No preschool can be nice and affordable at the same time.

How to navigate and benefit from American school system? I have been given various advice, dire predications (No public schools. They are disasters.) since I was pregnant with Emma. When Emma was one, I started thinking/worrying about how to get her into a good preschool. But I did not set myself into active mode until she left for China last June.

Since then, I have searched online numerious times and visited about 6 preschools or the like. However, except one Montessouri school in Evanston, none fit in my fantasized baby's world. I was way too spoiled the look and feel of Children's museums. I was hoping for a great place with a lot of bright colors, rooms after rooms of project-based fun settings (a baby water plant, a mock Domini's, tree houses, loads of music instruments...), comfortable, baby-friendly, neat environment. A place you would be so happy so wanted to become a child again. Instead, I found most the preschools were a little messy, kind of dull.

However, what am I to want such a fantasy world? So I always quickly accepted the reality and asked about the availablity. But I was always told: "Fill out the application. We will put your daugher on the wait list." "No, we are full right now." "No, there is unlikely a spot available next spring. Call us in the fall".


My mom always complains that everything is easier in China, fresh groceries, shopping centers within walking distance. I never could feel her pain. However, in terms of a good child care center, a "children's garden", she is abosultely right. Emma was accepted right at the spot when my parents took her to a very very good children's garden, located 2 blocks away.

Well, it is easier to spend dollars in China. With a little luck, I probably can land into the "haves" category, so Emma's education would be a piece of cake; but here I am a "have-not", doomed to struggle


Sunday, March 12, 2006
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Spindrift said...

Hi, I was just wandering the blogosphere and here I am at your blog. I enjoy the style of how this all works.

This is one to watch.


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Xun said...

thank you for the nice comments.

Shahzad said...

nice to know your daughter is back!

Hope you are having a nice time!!

waic said...

Thanks for stopping by The Cove awhile back. I was thrilled that you liked my little drawing and I am very happy that your daughter is now back with you. What an amazing experience for her though to keep in touch with her grandma in China. :) Good Luck to you with all that you do!

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