February 24, 2006

Welcome Home, Emma!

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On Feb. 22nd, Emma was back to Chicago, to us. We went to pick up her, and my parents.Shortly after we arrived at the airport, we saw her. She wore a red winter jacket with black dots, ear-length short silky hair, curious eyes, fair delicate skin, still very small nose and small mouth. I held out my hands, called: "Emma, Emma". She looked at me, studying, a few seconds passed quickly. I waited longing. Then she smiled and leaned over. There, she was completely in my arms. Holding her little body, I felt so good.

On our way out Emma started talking. Feeling the wind blowing against her, she said "so... cold". Soon she was attracted by the airplanes that flying all over the sky, she pointed up, here, there, "airplane, airplane." "Oh, oh, another airplane". We asked "Emma, how many are there?" She paused to think, then answered "Two".

The drive back home was full of joy and laughter. The night fell, all lights were on, car streamed before and after us, trains busily passed us, Emma was interested in everything. We have a shiny paper
windwheel in the car. I showed Emma how to blow it. She giggled and
said: "Ah, it is flashes." "Why I cannot blow it?" "Now you blow it".

We asked her:
"Where is Emma's home?"
"My home is in America."
"Where is grandma's home?"
She said "It is in Chengdu."
"Where is Chengdu?"
"It is in America."

Everyone laughed.

Welcome home, Emma.

Friday, February 24, 2006
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leo said...

I remember that part when I drove emma home.

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