February 26, 2006

This little girl loves to sing

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I always knew Emma loves to sing. She started singing the moment she managed to mutter single simple words. When we played music for her, she always listened attentively and swinged along with the music. My mom and I sang little children's songs for her, like "three little tigers". Before long, she cut long sentences into short phrases and belted them out in pieces. We laughed so hard and she looked at us satisfied.

When she was away in China, when I called her on the phone, she often started the conversation or broke the ice by singing "Little swallow, dressed lovely, every spring you come over ..."

Now after spending 8 months in China, she has made leaps in her singing skills and capability. Not just a singer, she is a natural performer. Her aunt bought her a toy Microphone. So we say, "Emma, perform for us now." With the Mike raised to her lips, she started singing sincerely. She sings one after another, some long, some short, some good old children songs, some hot love songs that are playing all over China, some folk, some songs about "the great China, how i love you."

Bravo, Emma!

Sunday, February 26, 2006
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leo said...

How many songs she can sing? 11? 12?

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