February 21, 2006

A sacrifice to make

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Emma is coming home tomorrow. What is on my mind? Cannot wait to hug, kiss, talk to her? Yes. A little worried that she would prefer my mother or anybody else than me? That too. Wonder how to get her started at a nice preschool? Yes. And all the bed rituals, play routines, pretty girl's dresses, colorful childish bedding? Yes, Yes... I have been thinking all of these and a lot more. But then I realize I have a sacrifice to make.

Oh, oh, I cannot chain-watching movies at nights in a row. No, I cannot stay up watch my movies any more. I maybe able to watch one or two once in while, with a great deal of discipline. Or I maybe turn my interests into busy noisy happy sesame street episodes, but with caution, since it is not good for toddlers to watch a lot of movies or TV or whatever.

I guess I have to give up my hobby reviewing movies. I am no movie critics anyway, not even an amateur (my ability to watching movies is far, far superior to my ability of reviewing them).

What the heck? Emma is back. That is everything.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006
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Leo said...

What do you mean everything??

Xun said...

Maybe a little exaggerated, but not very far from the truth.

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