February 09, 2006

I forgot all ... about how babies grow

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My colleague Kristen was showing a pinkish baby girl's picture, swaddled in pinkish floral blanket, when I passed her cubicle. It was her friend's daughter. "Look, how big she has already got."

I glanced at it, trying to recollect the vague memory I had of the same baby two months ago. I managed to summon (or imagine) a wrinkly frowning little baby's face. The baby now looks sturdy, happy with a wide smile. She has big features, big eyes, pronounced eye lids, straight big nose, and wide large mouth. She has got every for a pretty girl except hair (Emma was born with a head of shiny soft black hair). It is kind of striking,

I wondered how they could grow so fast. In two months, they already charm you with their generous smile. I wondered more about how I have forgotten everything about how Emma grew, except some over-summarizations enhanced by baby-book readings. I do not really remember how she did sleep or not sleep throughout the nights in the first few months; I cannot really pin down the days or even the month she started standing up, crawling or walking. I cannot say for sure when she started muttering the first word that we had definitely understood. And the legendary, glorifying and gratifying moment when she said "mommy"? I cannot recall...

I am incorrigible. A couple of months ago, I was at a friend house. She has a little baby, 5 months old maybe. When I was handed over the priviledge to hold him, I was totally surprised I was no longer sure how to hold a baby. Guess this is not a bicycle thing, once you learned it, you would never forget.

I forgot everything. I am incorrigible.

Thursday, February 09, 2006
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LOL! When I changed diapers on our first grandchild for the first time I was all thumbs. I was trying to remember the last time I had even changed a baby...by the time I figured out the disposable diaper he was wailing and so was I. ha

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