February 07, 2006

Days in SiChuan

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Days in SiChuan. Photo Collage

I confess, Emma has never been to the places whose views serve as the backgrounds. No. Not the mountain high monumental Budda whose body has been encroached by mosses and who knows what. Not the unseasonably green cradled temple that overlooks the muddy river that flows quietly below. Not probably even the places that are shown on the side, not Wuhou Temple dedicated to Zhu GeLiang, a symbol of wisdom, nor DuFu CaoTang that is covered with hundred-year-old bamboos and crystalized the ancient architectural beauty.

No. No. No. I am not even sure if Emma has seen a huge cute panda with her own eyes. I do not remember I have ever seen one when I was in SiChuan. I did not have an awareness, of that SiChuan is a sort of hometown to pandas, until I went far out to northern China and someone, in an effort trying to impress me, told me so.

No. No. No. I just half heartedly wish Emma has been to all the places and has sticked her name somewhere for backtracing, something like "xxx has been here". So in a playful mode, I created a pseudo personal memory for Emma. Maybe one day she will ask me, holding the picture (together with others that I have edited, using a lot of free association), "why i do not remember that I have been there done that?" Hopefully she would not grill me like Oprah grilled Frey, the guy who created "A million broken pieces".

Tuesday, February 07, 2006
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